The Personality of Programmers

Every person has  a different personality, and some personalities are better suited for different professions.  Much like a nurse needs to be both analytical and compassionate to best help their patients, developers need to understand and think critically about the problem in front of them.  According to a study from the University of West Ontario, a majority of software programmers/developers fall into one of two personality types as laid out by Myer-Briggs.


Myer-Briggs Personality Types

In Myer-Briggs personality tests, there are four different metrics by which individuals are measured.  These include: extroverted vs. introverted, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving. Each of these metrics fall on a scale, so an individual could be 67% introverted (33% extroverted), 90% intuition (10% sensing), 51% feeling (49% thinking), and 75% judging (25% perceiving).  This would make the individual’s Myer-Briggs personality type INFJ.  Each of these metrics give an insight into how individuals like to receive information, interact with others, and make decisions.



A majority of developers are ISTJ personality types.  This means that they are introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging.  This personality type is typically called the inspector or the logistician.  ISTJs tend to be very by-the-book.  They also tend to be a jack of all trades.  This makes them good at all levels within a company.  They tend to crave responsibility, which through their systematic approach they can handle well.  This systematic and organized approach is one reason that they make excellent developers  They are incredibly tenacious about getting work done and tend to be some of the most loyal employees.


Some famous ISTJs include Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and George Washington.



Many developers who aren’t ISTJs are typically ESTJs.  This is the same STJ type as above but more extroverted.  This personality type is typically called the guardian or the executive. ESTJs love proven methods of accomplishing tasks.  Despite being creative, they tend to be stubborn about switching to a new method without hard proof of its effectiveness. ESTJs are typically very straight-forward and honest, which makes it so that they typically accept constructive criticism well.  Since ESTJs are out-going, they tend to make excellent managers or team leads.  This makes them good at being Scrum Masters or Product Owners. In teams, they work well with others and tend to help those around them work better as well.


Some famous ESTJs include Lyndon B. Johnson, Henry Ford, and Darth Vader.


But whether you are an ISTJ, ESTJ, or something else, what matters when it comes to being a developer is the drive to solve puzzles and understand how the systems work.


If you are driven by this desire to figure things out, let us help you figure out how to find a job doing what you love at Momentum LLC.


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