How to Know if You are Working with a Great Recruiter

So, rather than trying to research the market on your own, you are looking for a recruiter who already knows the market. You do not want just any recruiter, you want the best. Many recruitment firms have a bad reputation.  Their recruiters don’t take the time to understand your needs, they’re pushy, they put SPIN on the description of roles, and their technical knowledge isn’t advanced enough to understand your passions.  So how do you identify a great recruiter?


A Great Recruiter Has Worked as a Recruiter for 5 + years

In some fields, fresh eyes are better than work experience.  In recruiting, this is not the case.  Recruiting requires a high degree of networking and communication with both companies and potential hires, a great recruiter needs experience and knowledge to be successful.  Because some firms hire new recruiters who do not understand technology of the local market, many switch professions before they have obtained five years of experience.  That makes a recruiter’s duration in the profession a key indicator of their ability.  You want the recruiter who knows the most about the job market and company cultures.


A Great Recruiter Takes the Time to Know You

An okay recruiter knows everything on your resume.  A great recruiter knows you.  In the process of recruiting, it is easy for recruiters to play the numbers game instead of investing the time to make sure that a candidate is the right fit for the position.  This makes both the client company and the potential hires frustrated.  A great recruiter understands this, so they take the time to speak with you to understand what hard and soft skills that you have, as well as what motivates you.  They understand what kind of company culture that you will thrive in, and they play matchmaker to find the best job for you.

A great recruiter also takes the time to keep you informed.


A Great Recruiter Can Tell You About Every Company They Send You To

Not only is a great recruiter knowledgeable about you, they are knowledgeable about the companies that they work with.  A recruiter should keep you informed about which positions they are submitting you for.  A great recruiter will be able to answer all of your questions about that position and company at the drop of a hat.  Because they build relationships with each company that they recruit for, the best recruiters know the ins and outs of the hiring process as well as the person conducting the interviews. It is their job to make sure that great candidates like yourself are prepared to really shine in an interview. Great recruiters know their clients, because they have helped build that company’s team.

When you are looking for a recruiter, it is like you are looking for your job search Public Relations representative! You want someone who will help you shine and assist you in finding the best job possible.  It is your responsibility to ask yourself, “Will this person be my best representative? Would I hire them?”

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If you are still considering if working with a recruiter is right for you, check out Why You Need a Recruiter for Your Job Search!

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