Why You Need a Recruiter for Your Candidate Search

You posted a job on your company website and the job boards, but you are not receiving the right candidates for the job.  You are getting people with too little experience or just not the right set of skills.  There is where Momentum comes in.  Our recruiters are trained professionals who make it their job to help you find that perfect candidate for even your most challenging-to-fill positions.  But you have an HR team… why would you need an outside recruiter?  Although your HR team is very good at selling your company and its culture, they may not speak the language of Data Scientists, Enterprise Architects, or DevOps Engineers.

Momentum Has Access to The Passive Talent Market

Most candidates who apply through a company website or job board are actively looking for a new job.  They are either dissatisfied with their current job or they are without a job.  However, there are many more fish in the sea.  There are many people sitting at their current job who are thinking, if the right job came along I would switch, but I am content now.  These passive job seekers are a group that recruiters focus a great deal of effort on.  This is a group a company would typically never see applying for their positions.  A good recruiter not only keeps these passive job seekers in mind, but markets the right positions to these people in a way that sparks their excitement.

Momentum Frees Up Your HR Team

By having a team of professionals dedicated to this search, you free up your team for other duties.  Additionally, when working with a good recruiter,  they will only send you the candidates that have already been screened and could be a good fit for the position.  Our recruiters will learn about your company and the company culture; the more you work with them, the more they can pinpoint exactly the kind of candidate that would work best.

Momentum Has Deep Networks

Our recruiters have sizable networks that we keep up-to-date with.  This means that as soon as a difficult search comes around, we can quickly come up with a list of candidates that would likely be a good fit.  Momentum then vets the candidates so only the best ones are presented to you.  Momentum has a network of over 11,000 local professionals.  Our network includes people of all experience levels.  Our staff tracks the careers of these individuals so that when the right opportunity comes along, we can move quickly.  Many times, they will know people with highly specialized skill sets.  This streamlines even the most challenging search.  

Working with a recruiter could be a win/win situation.

If you are considering using a recruiter for your next search, work with the best: Momentum LLC.

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