A Fitting Culture: How to Find the Right Company for You?

Beware of companies that make a big deal out of their ping pong table.  This was a piece of advice from a Forbes article about steering clear of “bad” company cultures.


Every company values different things, and from those values, company culture is born.  Finding a culture that is not only a “good” culture, but one that you can truly thrive in, can be the difference between surviving and thriving at your new company.  In a world where nearly every employer’s website says that they care about people, how do you know if you are truly going to be at the right company?


Look around:

Whether you are looking online before you apply for the position or you are waiting to be interviewed, being observant can help you to understand a company’s culture.  Is the office you are sitting in bustling with lively employees or does it feel like a ghost town? Notice what they are posting on their social media pages. Reviews on Glassdoor MUST be taken with a grain of salt, as they are often filled out when an employee is exiting a company.  This makes the questions you will ask in an interview all the more important.


In the interview, notice how they phrase their questions.  I once knew someone interviewing for a sales/marketing job, and they were asked, “How would you sell a product that you hated, like really disliked?”  With this being top management asking this, it quickly gave an impression of the company culture.


Ask the Right Questions:

Another way to understand the company culture is to ask questions in the interview that will help you gauge this.  Questions like “What is your company culture like?” will typically result in a romanticised and rehearsed answer.  While being less direct, you also want to be tactful.  Like discussed in our last post, Preparing for an Interview, make sure the questions are dynamic and make a statement about yourself. A question like, “What do you feel are the traits of your top performer on the team?” makes the statement that you are trying to be successful, and the answer will help to better understand the expectations.  More questions like this can be found in the Monster.com article, The Corporate-Culture Conundrum.


Talk to Your Recruiter:

If you are working with a recruiter, they know all the companies that they are working with.  We, here at Momentum LLC., get to know each one of our candidates and companies so that we can get the best fit.  Recruiters spend a large chunk of their time in communication with area companies and know them better than almost anyone.


If you want to find a job that has the right company culture for you, contact us at jobs@in-momentum.com


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